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We hold free online webinars where everyone can learn something new and useful for themselves. Our speakers share their knowledge in the field of project and people management.

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When you need to reach the maximum level of audience engagement on particularly relevant topics of project management, we organize meetings and workshops in different cities. Stay tuned for news on the site, so as not to miss the event in your city!

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We publish useful information from all areas of project and product management here. We are not adherents of any one methodology or approach, but try to share everything that works in real life and is time-tested.

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Over 10M IT project managers globally

At this moment there are over 10 millions of IT specialists globally. They make a significant contribution to the future of the industry.  There is a huge need for continuous improvement of their skills and replenishment of the industry with new personnel.

Therefore, we try to highlight only relevant and high-quality information in the field of project and people management. We are constantly updating and supplementing relevant materials, which are easily applicable in practice.

Our area of interest is modern Agile methodologies and practices, as well as a classic approach using PMI PMBOK processes. Nevertheless, we are not adherents of any one approach, but we are trying to give people the opportunity to express as many versatile points of view as possible.

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