On April 22, we will discuss in detail the topic “Product Evolution” in IT. After all, this process obeys its own laws, which are necessary for everyone who is connected with this in one way or another.😁

We will dwell in detail on the moment when startups have an idea. We will analyze how to properly organize an effective team, what steps should be taken to successfully launch and develop a product. Here are examples from real cases of the author. It will be interesting and informative!🎯

✅ You will know there:

  • -How does a product idea come from
  • Time to market factor
  • The idea verification stage
  • Case studies
  • Reasons for startups failure
  • Difficulties of communication with stakeholders
  • Who and why should be on the founding team
  • Laws of development of a product startup
  • Product manager toolkit
  • Impact of marketing and sales on the product
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